L o a d i n g
CNC Laser Cutting
  • High precision and cost-effective sheet metal cutting achieved through the HSG 1KW AND HSG 1.5 KW.
  • Superior edge finish that requires no de-burring and finishing.
  • Capacity from 0.1mm MS and SS to 12mm MS and 8mm of SS.
  • Capacity of 4mm for Aluminium.
  • Intricate detail and marking.
  • Complex shape cutting with no tooling.
  • 3-axis flying optics for high speed and accuracy with a maximum simultaneous axis speed of 85m/minute.
  • Rapid prototyping.
CNC Punching
  • Our Muratec Turret punching and Amada Punching ensures high quality and short production times.
  • Single parts produced just as economically as small and medium sized production runs.
  • Punching capacity from 0.6mm – 6mm of MS and 0.6mm – 2mm of SS.
  • Forming is possible at almost punching speed courtesy of the hydraulic punching head.
CNC Shearing
  • YSD's Hydraulic CNC Shearing machine allows a shearing capacity of 6mm in Mild Steel and 4mm in Stainless Steel.
  • The machine is equipped with a variable rake angle to be selected through push buttons so as to cut materials of varying thickness without burr.
  • The accuracy of the machine on the shearing length is /-0.5mm.
CNC Bending
  • EHP 130 Darley Press Brake (130 Tonne) (NETHERLANDS).
  • Amada RG Series Press Brakes (80 and 35 Tonne) (JAPAN).
  • Amada HRB 1003 (JAPAN).
  • Ermaksan ecobend expert (TURKEY).
  • Hindustan Hydraulic Press Brake (50 Tonne) (INDIA).
  • Unique 6 axes CNC program for 25 bends at a time.
  • Bending capacity of 3m X 4mm mild steel and 3m X 2mm stainless steel.
  • Quick turn around times and high quality with small and medium components.

Various grinding and Welding machines are used, like CO2 welding, arc welding, grinding machine, Buff, Palm sander and etc. for Welding and Finishing process

Pre-treatment & Powder Coating
  • 12 tank conveyorized pre-treatment and powder coating plant.
  • Dry-off oven at last stage to ensure components are dry and suitable for powder coating.
  • Powder coating done in both batch and conveyor format.
  • Dual conveyor line resulting faster powder change over.
  • 5 tests are carried out during the pre-treatment and powder coating process.
  • DFT – Coat thickness gauge 0-2000 microns and last count 0.1-1 microns.
  • Scratch Hatch Test.
  • Impact Test.
  • Bend Test.
  • Chemical (Methyl Ethyl Keeton) Analysis Test.

There are total 4 conveyorized powder coating plant, to ensure rapid and high-speed powder coating.

We also have a zero liquid discharge plant to enusre there is no harm to the environment.

Assembling and Packaging
  • Designated zones for assembling and packaging of the finished product.
  • Products are packed with adequate protection to prevent damage and dust.